This report aims to outline the purpose of a Focus Intervention Study (FIS) as one of the imperatives of the Sector Oversight Model. Furthermore also outlining the strategic direction for the Committee’s oversight role wherein oversight is conducted in proactive manner. The FIS conducted by the Committee is significant in that it makes provision for the information provided by the Department of Roads and Transport and its entities to be verified. This will allow the Committee to verify whether service delivery has taken place. It is imperative that the FIS should be indicative of actions that need to be taken by the Committee so as to proactively address issues of Departmental effectiveness and efficiency in relation to service delivery.

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The focus is on Public Transport, with a view to tackle and eliminate challenges faced within the programme was one of the adopted focus areas. It is upon this background that the Portfolio Committee agreed to conduct a focused intervention study on an impression to look at the whole bus subsidy region in the province, including the newly introduced Bus Rapid Transit by Metropolitan Municipalities, but focus was placed in the Public Transport Operations Grant (PTOG). This was also supported by daily grievances that the Committee continues to receive from Bus Commuter Organisations which also necessitated that an intervention study be conducted to resolve on the challenges reported upon.