The Secretary’s Office serves as the custodian of the Development and Implementation of the Strategy and Provides strategic, tactical and operational Leadership to GPL administration for the achievement of the institutional Mandate of Oversight and Scrutiny, Law-making, Public Participation and Cooperative Governance. The Office is established to enable the Secretary to the Legislature to ful l his/her administrative and nancial obligations in line with applicable legislation and legal directives. The Office is also accountable for the institutional strategic planning, reporting, budgeting, monitoring, contract management and evaluation and project management.

The Office of the Secretary is a focal point for ensuring seamless administration support to the House and its committees. The Office coordinates and consolidates institutional outputs and outcomes that allow the Accounting Officer to account to the Executive Authority and other oversight bodies. The office is supported by various functions including the Strategy, Planning and Monitoring and Evaluation, Transversal Mainstreaming Focal Point, Project Governance Office, Legal Advisory Services and Integrity Commissioner.