The purpose of the programme is to provide professional nancial, risk and supply chain management services to stakeholders for the realisation of the Institutional (GPL) strategic goals and objectives. The Office strives to raise financial resources equitably to ensure adequate funding for the implementation of the Institutional strategic plan whilst promoting effective financial management in respect of revenue, expenditure, assets and liabilities.

The Office promotes strong nancial, supply chain and risk management practices through partnership processes with all programmes of the GPL. It provides effective and efficient management of all nancial resources through the implementation of best business practices by linking strategic planning, budgeting and reporting. The Office is also responsible for ensuring continuous implementation of all relevant nancial legislation to enhance the scal stability, accountability and integrity of the GPL.

This programme is custodian to governance processes as they pertain to financial management, supply chain management, as well as audit and risk management. The programme also ensures resource allocation and management in support of institutional programmes.