The Monitoring and Evaluation Committee convened quarterly to guide and oversee the Institutional Strategic and Planning processes. In addition,
it assisted the auditing process to ensure that the GPL attained a clean audit for the preceding year. Furthermore, as the GPL constitutes Committees
and Administration, the committee deliberated and recommended the consolidation of these entities into one to facilitate a more comprehensive collective view of its performance against its strategic intent. This resulted in the improvement of a consolidated institutional annual performance plan, incorporating Committee and Programme planned activities for the 2017 / 2018 nancial year. This, together with newly developed reporting templates and Institutional Indicator Protocols resulted in the adoption of the Framework for Integrated Planning, Budgeting, Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting, the Institutional Indicator Protocol for 2017 /2018 and the guideline ensuring alignment between the Institutional Annual Performance Plan and the Programme, and House Committee Operational Plans for 2017 / 2018. The Monitoring and Evaluation Committee continued to provide oversight and ensured seamless planning, budgeting and reporting throughout the year. Also, the M&E Committee Terms of Reference were developed and adopted by the Secretariat. Similarly, the Monitoring and Evaluation function continues to provide quality analysis of quarterly and annual reports and related evidence in enhancing the integrity of reported performance information. The function has continued to provide support and guidance to Programmes, ensuring that their respective performance reported evidence is reflective of their individual indicator protocols.