The purpose of the Leadership and Governance Programme is to provide strategic leadership and overall management to the Institution, thereby enabling the Institution to exercise its Constitutional responsibility of conducting oversight over the Provincial Executive, making and passing laws for the Province, meaningfully involving the people of Gauteng in all Institutional processes and facilitating of Cooperative Governance.

The Programme consists of five Sub-programmes, namely: Office of the Speaker, Office of the Deputy Speaker, Office of the Chairperson of Committees, Office of the Deputy Chairperson of Committees and the Legislature Services Board. The Programme is also responsible for the alignment of institutional processes to the Strategic Plan for the term 2014- 2019. The strategic political management of Presiding Officers and Office Bearers as well as the strategic management of committees to ensure achievement of the provincial priorities is also given effect to through this Programme.

Programme 1 provides overall strategic leadership to the GPL, to enable the institution to discharge its constitutional obligations, including providing leadership to the implementation of governance processes, coordination of the work of the GPL Standing and Portfolio Committees, as it pertains to their functions of oversight and scrutiny, law making, public participation and cooperative governance.