The purpose and core mandate of the Corporate Support Services stream is to give support to all stakeholders internally within areas of Human Resources; Information & Technology; Safety & Security; Building Management; Administration; Transport & Logistics; Member’s Affairs and Relations through provision of systems, policies and processes that enable and facilitate service provision in the most effective, efficient and professional manner.

The programme also interacts and works with external stakeholders in varied ways that all seek to strengthen provision of such support to stakeholders with the ultimate aim of contributing to the ful lment of GPL’s Constitutional mandate of, Law-making, Oversight and Public Participation.

The programme provides the necessary services through the following key functions:

Members Affairs Directorate

The composition of the directorate includes Member’s Facilities and Members’ Relations. The directorate is responsible for managing the interface between Members and the rest of the GPL staff in terms of all service areas which are facilitated on behalf of Members. In addition, service levels across the institution are monitored, evaluated and reported from the Directorate.

Institutional Support Services

The composition of the directorate includes the Administration, Human Resources as well as the Transport and Logistics Units. The directorate provides a variety of services namely, telecommunications function, eet management, air travel, venue management, stationery and refreshments, remuneration, talent attraction, talent development, wellness, employee relations and HR administration.

Operational Support Services

The composition of the directorate includes Safety and Security Unit, Health as well as Building and maintenance units. The directorate provides for Occupational Health and Safety services as well as security services of a national key point standard. The Building and Maintenance Unit provides the physical infrastructure needed by the Members and staff to conduct business

Information, Communication and Technology

The composition of the directorate includes the Audio-Visual and IT Units. Overall, the Directorate is responsible for the provisioning, managing, securing and supporting information and audio-visual assets. The Audio-Visual Unit plays a critical role in ensuring law-making, oversight and public participation activities are supported by provisioning audio-visual services to the Chamber, committee boardrooms and internal and external public events. The Information, Communications and Technology Unit provides information technology infrastructure to the institution and ensures that information assets are secured and protected from data loss and malicious attacks.