I hail from the place called Zebediela in Limpopo Province where I did my primary education and subsequently proceeded to Mahwelereng near Mokopane to complete my secondary education at Gojela High School. As a village boy, I participated in all the routine, games and initiations which are characteristic of our village customs. Beyond my secondary schooling I progressed to the University of the North (University of Limpopo) where I successfully completed the following: Diploma In Pedagogy, B.A Degree, B. Ed Degree and M. Ed Degree.

I am married with three children and presently I am residing at Leondale near Germiston.  My spare time is mainly spent on reading various literatures and I am a keen protagonist of the aesthetical development of humans, which is supported by my passion for poetry, Art and Drama. Furthermore, my contribution to the body of fiction speaks volumes since I wrote several series for Thobela FM.

I am a teacher by profession, having taught at Ebenezer High School in Mahwelereng where I was further appointed as Head of the Department of Languages and ultimately assuming the position of acting Deputy Principal. Beyond teaching I joined SACHED Trust where I held a number of positions and ultimately became a National Community Liaison Officer. While at SACHED I was seconded to SANDF to drive the ‘demobilisation’ programme that was geared towards the capacitation of military combatants to expedite their integration into society. In addition, I was also deployed by SACHED to roll out a Maths, Science and ICT programme with the view to capacitate Self Defend Units (SDUs) in Thokoza. Subsequent to this, SACHED forged ties with the then Joint Enrichment Project (JEP) and the collaboration was to raise the level of political consciousness amongst the Youth while later it culminated in the birth of National Youth Development Forum (NYDF). One was tasked by SACHED Trust to drive the entire process.  After my stint at SACHED, I assumed the position of principal researcher at the Community Agency for Social Enquiry (CASE) and at a later stage I was nominated to serve on the Board of Directors. While at CASE I led a number of studies of which the most notable can be accessed in their website.

 Naturally, the quest for development allows for the exploration of other ventures, which in this case the lure to Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) came at a highly appropriate time in my career. I was appointed as the Research Director at the BJA which functioned under the auspices of the Department of Justice and the Vera Legal Institute which is based in New York. The BJA was largely operating as a source of real data with its associated analysis as a means of informing policy makers. At a later stage the position of Research Director afforded me greater vantage point to assume the position of Head of Communications at the business side of POPCRU known as POPCRU Group of Companies (PGC). The period at POPCRU allowed for a clear understanding and analysis of the dynamics around worker Unions. Before commencing at the Legislature I served as a full-time Secretary of the SACP Gauteng Province.

My interest in politics stems from harsh experiences endured under the apartheid government. In my youth I was involved as an activist under the umbrella of Mahwelereng Youth Congress (MYCO). Such grounding granted me ample resolve to pioneer the formation of Northern Transvaal Teachers Union (NOTTU) of which I became its first secretary of NOTTU Mokopane Branch. I served as a secretary up until the inception of SADTU in 1990. I was then elected as the secretary of SADTU Mokopane Branch. Over and above, my conviction on matters of a civil nature resulted in me serving on the executive structure of Magatle Civic Association (SANCO) near Zebediela in Limpopo.

On the East-Rand one spearheaded the launch of the SACP Leondale Branch which is known of late as the Fidel Castro Branch. I served as their first secretary of the branch and later I was elected to the position of the secretary of the SACP East-Rand District now known as Oupa Phasha District. Currently I have been elected to the position of the 1st Deputy Secretary of the SACP Gauteng Province.

He is currently serving the Gauteng Provincial Legislature as the Deputy Chairperson of Committees and Presiding Officer after being nominated and endorsed by the House Sitting.

My ideals and what I strive for, though not perfect, have at its core the intellectual advancement of people, where content overrides empty slogans, where empathy for our fellowmen/women reigns supreme, where independent thinking within the collective is embraced and selflessness becomes a way of living and a mode of life.

It stands to reason that my political journey strewn at times with seemingly unsurmountable impediments proved to be an ample grounding for my current environment at the Legislature.