Wednesday, 23 June 2021 will see the Gauteng Provincial Legislature (GPL) convene a virtual Sector Parliament, a public platform for the youth of the province to debate and recommend (their own) solutions to socio-economic challenges facing them.

Background to the event

Through Youth Sector Parliament, 45 youths will engage directly with the Gauteng Executive and policy makers, representing their peers from across five Gauteng regions. Debates and recommendations will be centred on how quality of life can be made better for the youth of Gauteng, focusing on innovative service delivery initiatives that involve the youth themselves.

As Gauteng and the country grapple with soaring youth unemployment, violence against women, economic exclusion and Covid-19, this platform presents an opportunity for GPL to engage robustly with the youth to solicit their recommendations on how these can be addressed.

Debates will focus on the following topics:

  • Assessing the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on the Healthcare system in Gauteng;
  • Assessing the response of GP in relation to GBV faced by young women; and
  • Examining the skills development strategy in addressing youth unemployment.

About 150 youths from across the Province have been mobilised through regional workshops and will form part of the audience. The session is open to media and the general public. Proceedings can be streamed live (details below)


Youth Sector Parliament, 23 June 2021

You can also view the main event data-free at GPL Youth Sector Parliament. You can also watch the Facebook Event.

Roundtable Discussion, 25 June 2021

You can also watch the Facebook Event.