CommitteeAgendaVenue & Time
Oversight Committee on
the Premier’s Office and
the Legislature (OCPOL)
1. Research analysis on the following reports:
1.1 3rd Quarter performance report of the OoP for 2020/21 FY
1.2 3rd Quarter performance report of the GPL for 2020/21 FY

2. Presentation by the PSC on the assessment report for 2019/20

3. Stakeholder submissions
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Finance Portfolio Committee 1. Consideration of Referred Departmental Annual Performance Report 2019/20 FY
Adoption of Committee Oversight Report on the Annual Performance Report
1.1 Gauteng Department of eGovernment

2. Consideration of Provincial Bills
Adoption of Committee Oversight Report on the Detail of the 2nd PAAB 2020/21
2.1 Gauteng Department of eGovernment

3. Consideration of Referred 3rd Quarter Performance Reports 2020/21
Departmental Presentations
3.1 Gauteng Department of e-Government
3.2 Gauteng Provincial Treasury
3.3 Gauteng Infrastructure Financing Agency
3.4 GPG State of Finance
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Portfolio Committee on
Economic Development,
Environment, Agriculture and
Rural Development
Provincial Bill – Consideration of the Upgrading of Land Tenure Rights A/B [B 6B – 2020]

 Briefing by Department of Agriculture, Land Reform & Rural Development
 (Updated presentation) on the Views of the Executive by the Department
 Legal Advice by NCOP Legal Advisor
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