CommitteeAgendaVenue & Time
Social Development Portfolio Committee  Presentation of the Committee’s 2020/21 Performance Report
 Presentation of the Committee’s Draft Operational Plan for 2022/23 Financial Year and the Budget for 2022/23 FY.
 Discussions on the Performance Report for 2020/21 FY and the Operational Plan for 2022/23 FY
 Presentation of the Committees revised OPP for 2021/22 Financial Year and the Budget
 Presentation of the Committee Budget for 2022/23 FY
 Briefing on the key dates for costing of 2022/23 Committee’s Operational Plans and expectations
 Summary and Way Forward
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Education Portfolio Committee  Discussions on Implications of the Institutional Priorities on the Committee
 Presentation: Previous Year Performance, (high level)
 Draft plans for next year – reflect/ brainstorm/ revisit draft plans for next financial year – Committee OPP (COPP-2021/22)
 Presentation of revised 20xx/xx Committee OPP (COPP-2021/22)
 Detailed outputs for committees matched against Strategic Plan outcomes
 Committee budget outcome and 2021/22 Financial Review
 Key dates for costing of 2022/23 Committees Operational Plans and Expectations
 Summary and Way Forward toward Adoption
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Sport, Recreation, Arts and Culture Portfolio Committee  Committee performance report for the 2020/21 financial year
 Review of Committee Ops Plan for the 2021/22, 2022/22 Financial Years
 Budget outlook for the Committee
 Way-Forward and Closure
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