CommitteeAgendaVenue & Time
Infrastructure Development
& Property
• Legal Opinion on the Committee of Inquiry on the Construction of Mayibuye Primary School.
• Presentation by the Department of Infrastructure Development and Property Management on its APP for the 2021/22 FY
MS Teams
Roads and Transport Portfolio Committee• Discussions on Implications of the Institutional Priorities on the Committee
Presentation by the Budget Officer on the Budget Management Practice Guide
• Presentation on the expenditure of the Committee for the 2020/21 FY and the 2021/22 FY
• Presentation on Reverse Billing System as a Public Participation / Stakeholder Management tool
• Presentation of the Committee’s Performance for the 2020/21 FY (high level)
• Review of the Committee Operational Plans for 2021/22 FY
• Presentation of reviewed operational plans for the 2022/23FY – 2025 FY in line with Institutional Strategic Plan outcomes
• Presentation on the Committee Budget allocation for 2021/22 FY
MS Teams
Community Safety Portfolio Committee • Discussion on the Current Unrest and Looting of Businesses in GautengMS Teams