The Chairperson of the Finance Portfolio Committee, Hon. Joe Mpisi, will convene a meeting today (Friday, 7 May 2021) at 10h00 as follows:

  1. Consideration of NCOP Bills
    Division of Revenue Bill 2021 [B03-2021]

    1.1 Briefing by Permanent Delegate
    1.2 Presentation by National Treasury
    1.3 EXCO View
  2. Resolution Tracking
  3. Consideration & Adoption of Term Programme
    3.1 2nd Term Programme (April – June)
  4. Consideration of Provincial Bills
    Vote 13 Provincial Appropriation Bill [G001-2021]
    Vote 14 Provincial Appropriation Bill [G001-2021]

Details are as follows:
Date: Friday, 7 May 2021
Time: 10h00
Venue: Microsoft Teams