The time has come once again to honour the world-changing women of Gauteng. Nominate a woman you know who serves and empowers others to be awarded in the 6th Annual Vita Basadi Awards. These are the categories to nominate her under.

1. Outstanding Youth Philanthropist Award

A young woman philanthropist who helps others voluntarily through her skills and talents, as well as interventions that contribute to empowering the community. She shows outstanding leadership and commitment to the community through direct financial support and developing/ supporting charitable programs.

2. Community Heroine Award

Deserving of this award is a woman considered to have the qualities of a heroin – your community heroine. A woman who is admired for her outstanding achievements and noble qualities. This is a woman who inspires excellence and paves the way for others to achieve greatness. She is a role model in her community and is recognised for her hard work, knowledge transfer and mentorship.

3. Community Builder of the Year Award

A woman who has shown courage and commitment in developing her community. This is a woman who puts her community first; she is a leader who inspires collective action, has a kind heart and is resourceful. She stops at nothing to empower her community to sustain itself, be it through business ventures or income-generating projects. This community builder is a mentor for community leaders and leads her community in various aspects.

4. Woman of Honour Award

A female achiever in a traditionally male-dominated industry and has contributed to job creation for women within her industry. She has broken the gender role stereotypes and is an inspiration to young women who wish to enter traditionally male-dominated industries.

5. Unsung Legend Award

Deserving of this award is a woman who has been serving her community for 20 or more years, without any recognition or compensation. She never seeks fame or reward for her contributions but has served her community tirelessly and with passion.

6. The Guardian Award

A woman in the Police or Military force who holds the fort and has made sacrifices in the interest of her community.

7. Young Dignitary Award

A basic education (primary and high school) pupil who is positively influencing her peers and those older. She is a determined, positive and dedicated youth who never tires in helping others in different ways.

Women who have fought for freedom through Arts and Culture. This will be a revolving nomination within the Arts and Culture Industry. In 2015 the recipient was a musician, therefore 2017 will focus on influential cultural value for women; e.g. Motivational speaker, poet, fine artist, etc.

8. Outstanding Creative Award

Women who have fought for freedom through Arts and Culture.

Now that you are all clued up about the categories, visit the link below to nominate the outstanding women in your community.