The Chair of Chairs’ Committee conducted a Quarter 3 Review for the 2021/22 financial year. The two-day session (31 March to 01 April) was held at Thaba Eco Hotel and presided over by Chair of Chairs, Hon. Sizakele Nkosi-Malobane.

In her opening remarks, Chair of Chairs reflected on the central theme at the recent MPWC session, i.e., gender equality, as “a critical component of our social fabric”, and a target that GPL must focus all its efforts towards achieving. “We need to increase the noises we make around confronting patriarchy and gender equality in all walks of life and in all social circles, be it at the workplace, in the gym, or even at home where we should feel the safest. Often however it is in the safety
of our homes where the worst atrocities against women and children are carried out and patriarchy rears its ugly head,” she continued.

She elevated some of the audit findings and items in the Integrated Institutional Decisions Register that directly affect Committees, in order for them to receive the due attention during the review session.

Regarding Citizen petitions received by the GPL, Chair of Chairs said, “We have taken an active approach to address the challenges, some on a reactionary basis and others on a proactive, sustainable basis – notwithstanding the highly complex nature of the overall Petitions process.”

She said the Chair of Chairs’ Committee would continue conducting Joint Oversight Weeks and unannounced visits with different Portfolio Committees – defining them as “another innovative intervention to intensify the oversight reach of the Legislature” – to assess the state of various public service sites in Gauteng. “It is only through intensifying ourselves as an activist Legislature that we will be able to get into communities as a collective and address the issues felt by ordinary citizens,” she continued.

Quarterly Review Sessions with Committees are conducted to ascertain progress and performance on National, Provincial and Local Government priorities and service delivery imperatives. They are a tool that the Office of the Chair of Chairs uses to
manage Committee oversight performance in line with the Standing Rules of the GPL, the Sector Oversight Model (SOM), the implementation and compliance with the Focus Areas of the Committees Oversight and Accountability Framework (COVAC).

Chair of Chairs commended Chairpersons of Committees in attendance for always prioritizing their work as elected public representatives – and making every effort to participate meaningfully in every programme of the Legislature, despite the House
currently being on recess.

Mentioning the NCOP Provincial Week, which is currently underway and requires the full participation of Chairpersons of Committee, she said, “It sometimes feels as if there are just not enough hours in the day to attend to all the tasks and responsibilities and, thus, we truly appreciate your efforts.”


Day of the Quarterly Review of the Standing Committee of Chairpersons for Quarter 3 received presentations from the Public Service Commission on the performance of GPG on issues such as vacancy rates and the employment of people with disabilities; as well as on performance of departments on paying service providers on time.

The PSC presentation also disclosed its findings in public servants unduly doing business with the state and with departments they work for. The Committee noted the PSC report and resolved to follow up on the issues of concerns raised in the form of an ad box committee, once it is tabled in the House.

Ralph Chiloane, GPL Manager for House Proceedings presented on the GPL’s draft programme for the upcoming quarter and presented proposals on amendments to rules and what can be done to maximize time for committee work. Dates for sector parliaments and other matters such as committee budgets and travel formed part of the closing remarks of the Chair, who commented that the Committee will require days to revisit some of the hotspot police stations in Gauteng; flagged problem hospitals and schools as well as visits to shelters for the elderly.