The Gauteng Petitions Act (Act 5 of 2002) legally defines Petitions, your right to Petition, the role and activities of the Standing Committee on Petitions, procedure for submissions and their consideration.

The purpose is the Act is to provide for:

  • The right to submit a petition to the Gauteng Provincial Legislature of the Province of Gauteng.
  • The consideration of a petition by the Standing Committee of the Legislature assigned to deal with petitions.
  • Right to petition – Any person may submit a petition in terms of this Act.

The Petitions Act

The Petitions Regulations

Regulation 1: Provides for definitions.

Regulation 2: Provides for application of regulations: meaning they apply to all petitions referred to the Legislature for consideration in line with the Act.

Regulation 3: Regulation 3 provides for Procedure for submission of a petition, which requires completion of form A to be completed; and to be sent via:

  • Post
  • Delivering it at the Provincial Legislature building
  • Electronic and social platform; and
  • By fax

NOTE: All petitioners will be sent an acknowledgement in writing following receipt of their petitions.

Regulation 4: Provides for Administrative support services and designation of employees to Committee by Secretary to the Legislature.

Regulation 5: Provides for processing of a petition and requires the completion of form Annexure A, compliance Act and

Regulations, acknowledgement and registration of petition.

Regulation 6: Provides for Rights and obligations of a petitioner, which requires completion of form A, empowers petitioners to withdraw petition at any stage, to submit petition in any official languages- via email or Legislature’s website and to be assisted by administrative support services.

Regulation 7: Provides for registration of petition, opening of petition.

Regulation 8: Provides for opening of a petition file which must contain:

  1. A duly completed petition.
  2. Completed form.
  3. Preliminary investigation.
  4. Opinion on matter.

Regulation 9: Provides for preliminary investigation into petition which requires the Secretary to conduct preliminary investigation upon submission of petition, obtain all information relevant to petition and comments from relevant department, municipality or official body.

Regulation 10Provides for referral of petition file to the committee for consideration and adoption.

Regulation 11: Provides for conflict of interest which requires amongst others that any member of Committee or administrative support services to notify the Speaker and the Committee of any budgetary interest in the petition.

Regulation 12: Provides for consideration of petition by Committee and requires petition to be considered and processed in accordance with the Act and the Standing Rules.

Regulation 13: Provides for closure and archiving of petition.

Regulation 14: Provides for right of appeal against outcome of petition.

Regulation 15: Provides amongst others for processing of petition during recess period and end of a Legislative term.

Regulation 16: Provides for short title of the Regulations.