You may recognise the National Gambling Amendment Bill [B27B-2018] and be wondering why it is back in legislative discourse. It was not passed and promulgated into an Act before the dissolution of the Fifth Parliament (2014-2019), meaning it automatically lapsed and must be revived before it can be passed. From the Parliamentary Monitoring Group:

When the final mandates arrived from the provinces, three provinces were against the Bill, two provinces in favour of the Bill and one province abstained. At the very last minute, a further two voting mandates in favour of the Bill was received. However, as there was not a clear position, the then Committee was unable to take a position and the House was unable to adopt the Committee Report on the Bill. It was an unprecedented situation, never before encountered in the National Council of Provinces.

National Gambling Bill [B27B-2018] briefing” Parliamentary Monitoring Group, 16 July 2019

Further information on the Bill will be posted to this Page if and when it becomes available. The full text of the Bill is available for download below.