MPLs recently completed a two-day voice training at the Voice Clinic in Rosebank, where they were taught about the importance of power speaking. The programme focused on the use of voice for effective voice projection in delivering impactful messages and speeches to an audience. 

Annually, the Members Affairs Directorate conducts a skills’ needs analysis with individual MPLs and Committees, aimed at developing their skills and capabilities – to help them thrive in their roles in the fast-changing world. Voice training was identified as a critical skill for MPLs, given that their work often includes delivering speeches, conducting debates, and engaging with diverse audiences. 

They were taught the importance of effective vocal use for presentations, projection, resonance, varied inflections, vocal dynamisms, pausing and phrasing. The training also included the use of dynamic body language as a tool for effective audience engagement, speech construction, interpretation and audience awareness, personal presentation style, listening techniques, and quick thinking.

Also emphasised was the need to pay attention to some of the most understated but crucial aspects of speech delivery, including relaxation and breathing techniques to calm nerves, voice exercises to improve tone, pitch, projection, and clear articulation.

MPLs participated with great enthusiasm. They unanimously acknowledged the importance of the appropriate voice use in delivering strong messages with confidence and authority.