The Workers Indaba is aimed at engaging with different workers organizations and forums.

Workers in South Africa were instrumental in the struggle and the ultimate victory over the racist and exploitative apartheid regime. The origin of May Day is diligently connected to the international workers struggle for an eight hour working day. The day is commemorated in all progressive countries to honour workers for their sterling contribution to the betterment of workplaces, fight for justice and respect of human rights of all workers. Workers in South Africa have during the past, defied the racist and biased system for many years; to celebrate May Day, in the pursuit of the democratic dispensation.


The contribution of workers in the liberation struggle and the Transformation and industrialization the fight for equality is intertwined with the struggle of resistance in South Africa. Significant events recorded dating back to the early 1900’s will prove that for transformation, equality and recognition of workers, there was always a need to push harder for recognition.

The Theme for the 2017 Workers’ Sector Indaba is Following up on our commitment to the Workers of Gauteng.
The sub-theme is Transformation and Industrialization”      


The objectives of the 2017 Workers’ Sector Indaba are to:

  • Profile the Constitutional Mandates of the GPL;
  • Provide a platform for the workers to engage with the GPL and Gauteng Provincial Government (GPG)
  • Elicit views and challenges faced by the workers;
  • Profile the plight and promote the rights of the workers in society;
  • Take the Legislature to the people;
  • Profile the GPL as a tribune of the people of Gauteng.