Outstanding Youth PhilanthropistA young woman (16 – 35 years old) who has set herself apart from others, with exceptional use of her skills and talents to help others, through activities that help empower her community. This woman has taken it upon herself to promote the welfare of others – altruistic behaviour.The development of and or support to charitable programmes, volunteering in community empowerment work and or providing leadership in various community interventions.
Young DignitaryA school going learner at the level of basic education (primary and high school, up to 15 years of age) who is a role model through demonstrating her active role in school activities.Positively influencing her peers through e.g. peer- to- peer counselling, supporting other learner by tutoring them, extra circular activities support and/ or coaching etc.A motivation from the current school will be of an advantage.
Unsung Legend AwardDeserving of this award is a woman who has been serving her community for twenty or more years. Although she has retired or semi- retired (has passed the baton to younger serving women), she is a legend in her own right within her community.This is a woman who has never sought fame or reward for what she does but has served her community with passion.
Community Builder of the Year   This community builder is a woman who has shown courage and commitment to empower her community to sustain itself, be it through business ventures and related.This is a leader who inspires collective action, by creating employment opportunities; through co-operatives; income-generating projects etc.This is a woman who inspires a culture of entrepreneurship in her community.
The GuardianA woman who is recognised by her community as providing exceptional services, such as going an extra mile by serving her community, specifically in the safety, security, and law enforcement disciplines. This would include fire fighters, police, military, correctional services, lifeguards, and emergency response.
Community HeroineThis is a woman who, in her community, reaches out to and creates empowering opportunities to persons with disabilities who have been excluded in society.She is recognised for her work through self-initiated projects for persons with disabilities, knowledge transfer, mentorship and creates safe spaces to persons with disabilities who are discriminated against and have been rendered vulnerable to violence, are exploited, and hidden from society. This is a woman who challenges this ableist world and advocates for the rights of persons with disabilities.
Woman of Honour   The woman of honour is an outstanding woman achiever in a traditionally male-dominated industries. She has broken the glass ceiling and cleared the path for other women. This may include industries such as mining; physics, technologies & engineering; aviation; finance sector etc.
Outstanding Creative AwardAn influential woman who positively uses her creative work to showcase the best of and uplift the value of women in society as/ in e.g., Motivational Speaker, Writer (Poetry, Books, Think Pieces etc.), Fine Arts, Sports, Innovation, etc.