The impetus for this assessment came largely as a result of the re-establishment of the Multi-Party Women’s Caucus (MPWC) within the Gauteng Legislature in 2015/16. It was also driven by the recent creation of a dedicated unit; the Transversal Mainstreaming Focal Point (TMFP), within the Of ce of the Secretary to the Legislature. Hence, politically and administratively, the dedicated structures within the institution saw the need to take stock of what had gone before with a view to shaping future direction. An essential point to note is that no ‘transversal mainstreaming assessment methodology’ exists anywhere in the world. Hence, the broader assessment exercise undertaken by the Gauteng Legislature needed to actively construct the methodology, and this was done through a series of Background Papers that are available as separate publications, emanating from this project.

The following papers are available to view or download:

  • Mainstreaming Audit Report – “The Road Travelled Thus Far” (download)
  • Audit Methodology (download)
  • Internal Policy Environment (download)
  • The Emerging International Policy Agenda (download)
  • Transversal Mainstreaming Manuals
  • National Policy paper (download)
  • Norms and Standards for Assessing Transversal Mainstreaming (download)
  • Strategy Document (download)
  • Multiparty Women’s Caucus (MPWC) (download)