Acting Chairperson of the Legislature’s Economic Development, Environment, Agriculture & Rural Development Committee, Hon. Mpapa Kanyane, presents the Gauteng Township Economy Development Bill, which serves the following objectives:

  • Provides a regulatory framework which makes it possible for people living in townships to establish viable and thriving business, enterprises, small enterprises, small enterprise organisations and co-operatives where they live;
  • Introduces an enabling framework to ensure that retail malls and supermarkets that are township-based partner with local township-based enterprises, including the sourcing of some of the products and services from local township-based producers, service providers and manufacturers;
  • Establishes specific procurement rules and programmatic support that allows government and its main contractors―
    • to buy from a large group or groups of township-based enterprises, with systems linking them so they can supply as if they are one large enterprise;
    • to compel enterprises that obtain government contracts to spend a certain percentage of their procurement spend on township-based enterprises or entrepreneurs and co-operatives.
  • Provide an enabling environment for municipalities to―
    • develop taxi ranks into micro central business districts and to support the taxi economy to use its scale to grow supporting value chains and industries;
    • support the development and promotion of a township-based real estate development model to convert areas with high commercial densities into township high streets; and
    • promote and support the development of representative associations of township-based enterprises and non-profit organisations.

In line with constitutional obligations and the Legislature’s mandate, the Committee will be interacting with people across the Province and all concerned parties through public participation initiatives. Dates for the public engagements will be announced in due course on the Legislature’s media platforms.

For more information, please contact Senior Committee Coordinator Mr Thabo Skosana on 082 967

To confirm attendance at the hearings, please contact Public Participation Officer Mr Ben Dhlomo  on: 079 522 9131 / email:


Gauteng Township Development Bill