Description Tender Code
Supply of Office Furniture GPL010/2016
Supply of Cleaning Materials GPL011/2016
Audio Visual Equipment GPL012/2016
Supply and Installation of lift main building GPL014/2016
Audio Visual and Technical Equipment GPL015 & 017/2016, GPL004/2017
Supply of Ergonomic Chairs GPL016/2016
Remedial Plumbing Works GPL005/2017
Supply and Installation of lift main building GPL002/2017
Network & Security Maintenance GPL008/2018
Preparation Of Political Parties’ Financial Audits GPL012/2018

The reason for the cancellation of the abovemnetioned tenders is that the 90/10 Preference point system was incorrectly advertised instead of the 80/20 point system as these bids were not expected to exceed R50 000 000 (Inclusive of all applicable Taxes).