Sport, Recreation, Arts and Culture

Sports, Recreation Art and Culture Committee 2016/17 Q1 Report

Report on the Gauteng Provincial Languages Bill

FIS report on the Gauteng Film Commission

Social Development

Social Development Committee 2016/17 Q1 Report

FIS Report on the Gauteng Department of Social Development’s contribution to poverty alleviation and sustainable livelihood

Department of Social Development for Q4 2015/16 Report

Roads and Transport

Oversight Report: Q4 2015/16 DRT, Gautrain Management Agency and G-fleet Management

Oversight Report: Q1 2016/17 DRT, Gautrain Management Agency and G-fleet Management


Education Committee Q1 2016/17 FIS report on school support by District Offices

Education Committee Q1 2016/17 Gauteng DOE oversight report

Economic Development, Environment, Agriculture, Rural Development

EDEARD report on Agricultural skills development and mega tailings

EDEARD report on the re-industrialisation of the Gauteng economy

EDEARD Economic Development oversight report Q1 2016/17

EDEARD Agriculture oversight report Q1 2016/17