Public Participation

Committees hold regular meetings with civil society organisations to share views on legislative and service delivery matters. This helps MPLs to familiarise themselves with challenges facing communities. The Legislature also receives written petitions from individual citizens, inquiring about policies and service delivery matters. Petitions are handled by relevant Committees of the Legislature.

The Legislature convenes public hearings across Gauteng, which are an essential component of the law-making process. Hearings are convened for each Bill under discussion in the Legislature to obtain the residents’ views before establishing legislation.

Public Participation and Petitions organises workshops on the province’s budget process and the processes of other legislative programs.

This office also organises education programmes, community outreach programmes, public awareness campaigns and workshops. These are designed to empower marginalised sectors of society, such as stokvels, religious groups and Community-Based Organisations. Public awareness workshops educate the people of Gauteng on proposed Bills and how they can make input. Committees also use these workshops to get feedback from Citizens on issues of concern to the Province, such as Health, Education, Housing, Environmental issues, and more.

The Legislature believes that public participation strengthens democracy and ensures a form of governance that is based on the will of the people.

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