The Gauteng Provincial Legislature’s Portfolio Committee on Community Safety calls on government to put more stringent measures to deal with increasing levels of crime and lawlessness. And further challenge the broader South African society to be more constructively engaged in dialogues that will significantly contribute to tackling the high crime levels confronting the country.

This follows the report released by the Global Initiative Against Transnational Organised Crime, which ranked South Africa 7th out of 193 United Nations member states in organised crime.

According to the report, South Africa has moved 12 spots higher – from number 19 in 2021 to 7th place in 2023 – based on the criminal index. The report further shows that South Africa ranks 3rd highest on the content’s crime levels.

The report seems to suggest that this significant increase can be attributed to the various forms of crime facing South Africa, including human trafficking, sex trafficking, child labour, domestic violence, organ smuggling, child abuse and labour exploitation.

On a daily basis, South African communities witness various crimes, which robs families of their freedom.

Committee Chairperson, Honourable Bandile Masuku, said, “A global picture as painted by the Global Initiative Against Transnational Organised Crime, is indeed worrying for South Africans and not only undermines the sovereignty of the country, but also threatens its developmental path.”

Hon. Masuku continued, “It is based on this report and the prevailing crime reality facing the country that as the Committee we call on South Africans to use their voices and engage in more constructive dialogue to tackle crime and open South Africa as a gateway for international investors and not criminals.

“By using their voices, South Africans can influence actions and advocate for the government to declare a more stringent measure in form of a State of Emergency to deal with the scourge of crime as seen in countries such as Jamaica, Honduras and Peru.

The declaration of a State of Emergency to deal with the extraordinary crimes experienced by South Africans could potentially strengthen some of the countries regulations and improve our criminal justice system. It can help enforce more stricter border controls to deal decisively with illegal immigrants.

It will further strengthen and restructure our Law Enforcement Agencies by establishing more specialized units that may include paramilitary units and strengthen community policing,” he continued.

The committee Chairperson further noted some criticism from some sectors of society particularly on the deployment of Crime Prevention Wardens in Gauteng.  “While the Committee acknowledges that the establishment of Crime Prevention Wardens in Gauteng is a unique and exclusive form of development aimed at strengthening the capacity to prevent crime and lawlessness in the Province, it comes with its own challenges.  As these challenges are identified and addressed, the Committee calls on the broader society to support such initiatives as they contribute towards crime prevention efforts in the Province and in keeping our communities safe” added Hon. Masuku.


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