The quarterly report assesses the Department’s performance in the the quarter under review, to determine whether programmes implemented were in line with the approved Annual Performance Plan and budget. The Department should spend 25% of its budget per quarter. The quarterly assessment helps to identify areas which need improvement, to avoid under and over spending at the end of the financial year. This allows the Committee to determine the possibility of outcomes achieved, guided by the spending pattern and progress made by the end of the quarter.

The Department’s mandate is to ensure access, increased participation and transformation of the sport, arts, culture and recreation sectors in a manner that yields optimum social and economic benefit for all in the province, and promotes nation-building and social cohesion. The department provides sport, recreation, arts and culture services to various stakeholders including children, women, youth, and persons with disabilities amongst others.

The Department is made up of four programmes namely: Administration, Cultural Affairs, Library and Archival Services and Sport and Recreation. In the current quarter, the Department did not manage to spend 25% of its overall budget as expected across all programmes, however only spending an average of 19.8%. The Administration Programme spent an amount of R29 941 000 representing an expenditure of 26.3%. The Arts and Culture Programme spent R50 962 000 which is 27% expenditure. The Library and Archival services programme spent R47 465 000 representing an expenditure of 17.3%. The Sport and Recreation Programme spent an amount of R34 039 000 showing a 14% of the annual budget.

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