idp committee chairLed by Chairperson, Hon. Lindiwe Lasindwa, the Gauteng Provincial Legislature’s Portfolio Committee on Infrastructure Development hereby gives notice of a meeting with all contractors in Gauteng who may have been affected by issues pertaining to non-payment for services rendered to the Gauteng Department of Infrastructure Development; all Stakeholders; affected persons; and the general public.
This meeting forms part of a process for the Committee to engage with the Department and contractors on the implementation of infrastructure projects which will be tabled in a broader stakeholder forum as part of the Focused Intervention Study (FIS) titled: ‘Poor workmanship by contractors and late payment of contractors as factors to project delays’.

The FIS aims to discuss with the Department and Stakeholders methods that may be applied in order to avert appointment of poor-performing contractors and to address issues relating to late payment of contractors.

InfraDev Committee meeting