The Gauteng Film Commission (GFC) is mandated to develop and promote audio-visual industries in Gauteng and to facilitate film-related projects within the Department. The commission responds to six (6) strategic objectives and they are:

  • Conducting comprehensive industry research to inform GFC and sector strategies by effectively becoming a central repository of credible industry information.
  • Contributing to good governance and provide effective support to programmes.
  • Developing and maintaining effective business processes, in line with best practice, for financial control, accounting, financial management and financial reporting to ensure effective functioning of the GFC.
  • Developing and maintaining an environment in which reliable information is seamlessly available to staff and stakeholders in a sustainable and cost-effective manner supported by sound ICT governance processes.
  • Developing and maintaining effective HR management and development plans.
  • Providing reliable and effective legal services to the organization.

The Committee visited beneficiaries that were supported by the GFC to establish the kind of support that is provided and its sustainability thereof. In addition, the Committee assessed whether the provided contributes to the broader mandate of the Commission.

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