The Department is expected to present the following:

The various training programmes developed by the Department that aim to enhance their ability to produce more optimally. This presentation should also highlight whether skills development meets the demand in the Agricultural Sector.

The air quality monitoring data of Ekurhuleni and Sedibeng Municipalities, also underlining measures that have been put in place to ensure there’s compliance with legislation in relation to gas emissions. The presentation should further explain on what recourse there is for institutions whose emissions exceed the allowed levels.

Mitigation actions in place that restrict migration and competing land uses for agricultural resources which affect the protection of agricultural land due to continued urbanization and development pressures.

The work undertaken by the Gauteng Investment Centre (GIC) including the processes and procedures of the centre with regard to investment promotion and ease of doing business.

The OR Tambo Industrial Development Zone (IDZ) in particular the progress made in the establishment of this zone, noting the concerns raised by the Committee with regard to the lack of progress on this milestone.

The work undertaken by The Innovation Hub (TIH), including the Coach Lab and Maxum programmes in creating industrialist and contributing to economic growth and development.

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EDEAR Committee meeting

EDEAR Committee FIS – Day 2