Public Participation Beyond Slogans

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The GPL’s Public Participation Programmes

Public Participation and Petitions Unit

  • Public Participation Unit is located within the Communications Directorate  which falls under the CORE  Business stream
  • The main responsibility of the unit is to provide support to Committees and the Institution by ensuring public participation in all its programmes
  • The Unit comprises of the three sub functions, namely:

- Public Education and outreach

- Petitions

- Public Participation

The public education programmes comprises of the following areas:

-          Public educations workshops

-          Public outreach workshops

-          Schools programme

-          Budget training workshops

-          Sector parliaments

-          Bua le Sechaba, etc

Sector Parliaments

-          Sector parliaments are held as part of channelling issues and interest with different sectors of society.

-          Regional workshops, preparatory workshops and dry run session are held prior to each sector parliament.

Public education Workshops

-          These are one day public education sessions

-          They aim at informing and education citizens about the processes of the Legislature

-          70 workshops are conducted per quarter with 50 participants per workshop

Schools Programme

-          It is aimed at grade 10, 11 & 12 learners in Gauteng

-          It aims at introducing civic education in schools and promote public participation

-          Learners are also invited to attend Sitting of the House and for a Tour

Budget process workshops

-          The aim is to educate the public about the budget process and encourage them to participate

-          They are held in partnership with provincial department of Treasury

-          These workshops are held in each region

-          Participants are invited to attend and participate in committee budget process through submissions

Bua le Sechaba

-          Bua le Sechaba is a public participation and oversight mechanism, wherein Committee engage with communities

-          Workshops are held with stakeholders prior to the Committee’s visit

-          Communities are prepared and educated about how to participate

Gauteng Petitions Act

-          The Unit has a Petition Officer who serves the Petitions Standing Committee (PSC)

-          The Act provide for the right to submit a petition to the Legislature of the Province of Gauteng

-          Any person may submit a petition in terms of this Act

-          A petitioner may submit a petition in any of the official language of the Republic of South Africa

-          A petition may be:

                Single petitions: individual submission

                An association petition: individual submission from an association

                A collective petition: collection of signature from petitioners

                A mass/group petition: group of petitioners with a similar request

Public Participation Sub Unit

  • This sub function is responsible for stakeholder management and to mobilise stakeholders to participate in the Legislature processes including:

                - strengthening relations with PCOs, CDW, Municipalities and PLO’s

                - invite stakeholders to committee stakeholders’ sessions

                - to develop and update database

- House sittings

                - Budget vote process

                - Public hearings

                - Focussed Intervention Study

                - Sector forums

                - Annual report process

The Constitution requires the Gauteng Provincial Legislature (GPL) to involve the people of Gauteng in all legislative processes. This is fundamental to strengthening democracy.