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Budget Process Workshops 


The Gauteng Provincial Legislature has the mandate to facilitate interaction between the Legislature, the Executive and the Public with regards to public access to and involvement in Provincial Legislature. According to Constitution of Republic of South Africa, 1996, Section 118 provides the public to participate in legislature processes:

  1. A Provincial Legislature must: facilitate public involvement in the legislative and other processes of the legislature and its committees, and conduct its business in an open manner, and hold its sittings, and those of committees, in public, but reasonable measures may be taken.
  2. A Provincial Legislature may not exclude the public, including the media, from a sitting of a committee unless it is reasonable and justifiable to do so in an open and democratic society.

The concept of public participation allows the citizens to interact with their public representative and to participate in the exercise of holding government accountable. It furthermore has the task to increase responsiveness of political institutions.


The purpose of the Budget Process is to involve and share information with Gauteng citizens in the twelve months planning, implementation and evaluation stages of government programmes. The Gauteng Provincial Legislature has made proposal to engage citizens of Gauteng in the committees system by developing the Programme Evaluation and Budget Analysis (PEBA). Budget Process is one of the PEBA imperatives whereby citizens have the right to participate in the decision making.

Regional Workshops

Regional workshops will be held at the appropriate time.

 Targeted Stakeholders for the Budget Process Workshops

The PPP Unit together with the Municipality, CDWs and PCOs will mobilise relevant stakeholders to attend the workshops. The following sectors will be included in the on the mobilisation plan:

  • Youth organisations
  • Women Organisations
  • Persons with disability Organisation
  • Traditional leaders
  • Faith based Organisations

These workshops will be facilitated jointly by GPL and Department of Treasury officials during the workshops the following topics will be outlined:

  • The role of the GPL
  • What is budget?
  • Where does government receive money?
  • How the government process (allocate) the budget
  • Who takes part in the budget process?
  • How can communities participate in budget process?

Each regional workshop will be attended by approximately 100 people